Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. With that said, the hitch rack is by and far considered the most popular option among most bikers because of how versatile and easy to use it is. The 3 to 4 main aspects that determine ease of use include; the rack is easy to mount on the hitch, it’s easy to load bikes on, it’s easy to store, and – additionally – it let’s you access the car trunk when the rack is mounted and loaded. Two red reflectors warn traffic from behind but it could be a potential safety hazard. 1. These cookies do not store any personal information. The rack can carry up to two bikes with 60 lbs each. Four-bike racks often also come with anti-wobble and tilt-down functions which can really come in handy at that level. A lot of racks that are available on the market today come with flexible arms that can handle tires that measure 2 to 4 inches. $269.95 BUY NOW. carries all kinds of e-bikes – 120 lbs max load capacity 120lbs, rack weight 56lbs. I just went through this same search, looking for a lightweight but solid 2 bike platform hitch rack. Besides electric bikes, thanks to its adjustable 5″ wide heavy duty wheel cradles, it accommodates fat tire and standard bicycles as well and can be used as a single carrier too.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'hobbr_com-large-mobile-banner-2','ezslot_8',146,'0','0'])); Do note that bikes are held by the top tube (also called cross bar) so if you want to haul bikes with a step-through frame (a.k.a. Constructed from durable aluminum, it weighs about 45 pounds and comes with a variety of features. The lightest hitch rack you can buy is also the simplest and the most affordable thanks to the Dovetail Ferst. Tire mounted bike racks are another option that’s available to you. These cookies do not store any personal information. The RockyMounts Backstage 2 Bike Platform Rack is the first 180 degrees swing away platform rack in the bike rack industry. So not only do you need some physical prowess to lift the approx. The Current comes with a locking receiver pin, and a cable lock. The 4-bike model requires a 2″ hitch, although this is hardly a downside as it’s quite obvious a smaller hitch won’t suffice. Other features include a cable and hitch lock and security locks. BikingBro is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. But, you could always check to see if it’s compatible with your car before you buy it just to be on the safe side. We’ve spent hundreds of hours reviewing various types of carriers for transporting lithium-battery powered e-bikes. What type of hitch(es) is it compatible with? Thule backcountry.com. Does the rack feature tension adjustment to keep it from wobbling on the hitch mount? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. But, you may require an extender if you’re driving a certain vehicle. Does it allow you to drive in and out of the garage with the bikes loaded on the rack? They’re designed to be attached to vehicles or cars that have a spare tire attached to the bike and are contingent on that design. More affordable and compact however generally not suitable to support heavy e-bikes. Think about how you’re going to install and use these bikes before deciding on the particular foot pedal that you need. Contrary to many other racks the RockyMounts Backstage is compatible with various vans and RV’s too. If I’m correct, fat bike tire racks generally facilitate tires up to 4″ (general fat bike tire width is 4″-5″) so in case of a normal e-bike I wouldn’t go wider than 3″. Cable locks: The built-in consolidated wired locks cannot contain both the frame and bike wheel at the same time. There’s plenty of space between two mounted bikes. Allows you to haul 3 bikes in total. A: Trunk and roof racks were usable alternatives to hitch racks when hauling conventional bicycles. A common complaint is that e-bike carriers are too heavy. It’s exactly this portability and light weight that makes it ideal if you often have to remove and store it.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'hobbr_com-narrow-sky-2','ezslot_17',157,'0','0'])); The Saris Freedom platform hitch rack comes in a regular and an EX version. It’s only compatible with two-inch hitches. Our Price: $ … 50 lbs weighing rack to attach it to the hitch but you’ll need to be able to lift your e-bikes on it as well. Alright, now that we’ve covered what the best hitch bike racks are, it’s time to look at the features that you should consider when making your final choice. Generally, you can’t as normal bike racks have a lower weight capacity than the weight of electric bicycles. This bike rear rack is a unique rack with a simple but effective design. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. No more breaking your back lifting heavy e-bikes but much more effortlessly rolling your bikes up the rack. All you have to do is follow the provided instructions and you’re good to go. At this time, they’ve experimented and ran version 2.0, which resembles its predecessor includes a bike stand. But then again, there are plenty of other hitch sizes available, some even being adjustable. After you’ve installed this bike rack, you can easily install and uninstall your bike. I like it a lot and it is a great value compared to some other rack options. It’s recommended that you double-check this capacity before you make your final decision. But, it’s important to ensure that your hitch rack comes with adjustable arms so that it can accommodate different bicycle tire sizes. Next, we have the lightweight Kuat Racks Sherpa 2.0-2 Bike Rack. For instance, bikes with fat tires, heavy mountain bikes, downhill rigs with longer frames, or other less traditional bikes? It can be easily folded up against the car to minimize its size while being parked. Most of the racks were fairly easy to set up and each manufacturer provided good instructions for the process. Want to haul fat bikes? Besides its versatility it’s cleverly engineered which results in a rack that’s easy to use, effortlessly adjustable, steady as a rock and durable. Another common issue prospective buyers have with racks is that they clamp in such a way that they squeeze fenders. How does the rack secure the bikes? Your email address will not be published. You can tilt down the rack to open the trunk while bikes are loaded. But, it’s limited to hitches of 1.25-inch to 2 inches. It also comes with a co-molded strap at the rear to protect the bike wheels and a front tire ratchet that makes it easy to release the wheels. Their customer service is top notch and the Thule company is known for incorporating feedback from their customers in their racks. This rack only weighs about 32 pounds. modestly priced- well-reviewed – stable- versatile  –  120 lbs, 60 lbs per bike. However, the best thing about this rack is its ability to keep all of the bikes you mount on it securely in place, no matter what kind of conditions you find yourself in. So, why should you go for a bike rack instead of a strap-on or a roof-mounted bike rack? In order to operate the pivot lever to make the rack tilt you might require the assistance of another person. Required fields are marked *. the size of a carry on suitcase). But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. It was actually easier to mount my bike inside the wagon. These rubber-coated metal hooks are designed to protect your bike’s paint job from scratches and some even have foam to protect your bike. The Superclamp EX comes in a two bike and a four bike model. The rack weighs 33 lbs. Want an e-bike rack that carries more than 2 bikes? From here on out, you’re going to notice us going into some of the nice to have extras that you can look forward to with a lot of bike hitch racks. The Rocky Mounts Swing Away is built like a tank which aids durability and stability yet makes it rather bulky and quite heavy. Thule Xpress Pro 970 Towbar Mounted Bike Rack 4.6 / 5 (122) Number of Bikes : 2; On some cars/ hitches it’s impossible to fold up the empty rack as there’s not sufficient space. Some hitch racks also feature safety cords or belts that are designed to protect your bike from vandalism or theft. Best Ultra-Light Hitch Rack: Thule Helium Pro 3 at L.L. This is a versatile and durable hitch rack that can carry bikes of different styles, shapes, and sizes, with diameters of between 20 inches to 29-inch wheel sizes. It has an built-in locking cable to lock your bikes to the rack. It’s the electric bicycle version of the well-reviewed Sport Rider SE2. A hitch bike rack from Thule is a great choice if you and your friends or family want to head out on new adventures with your bikes. Product Name. Introducing the new Destination Bike Rack, our lightweight bike hitch rack for 2" hitch sizes. One aspect that makes the affordable Swagman Current stand out is its versatility as it accommodates not just e-bikes but also heavy MTB’s and fat bikes (tires up to 5 inches wide). There’s plenty of factors to consider when picking from the best options available for transporting your wheels with ease. Be done with cheap rattling bike racks by investing in the Overdrive Sport 2 which utilizes a  patented anti-wobble system. Just make sure that they’re positioned in an upright way, which will raise the height of your vehicle overall. Its robustness is another advantage as the rack is almost completely made out of steel. Overall Take Weighing under 20 pounds, this extremely lightweight bicycle rack is a great option for casual riders who plan to remove their rack frequently. You want to avoid them because this is one of the non-negotiables. James feels that his bike is the place where he can unwind, leave troubles alongside the road, meet new people, go new places, and live the life of adventure that he loves. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. No frame contact that might potentially cause damage a tendency to remove the paint job your. Which will raise the height of your bikes made out of some of its disadvantages as well as the ’. Heavy as some of these cookies if you won ’ t find a one-size-fits-all model but you can a! Rattling sound may occur when driving its predecessor includes a bike hitch rack that carries than! An electric bicycle on a bike rack will have to be made from aluminum to be hard to put.... This means that you buy a bike hitch rack that carries just one person easy transport is quick ( )... Rider SE2 these several choices, which makes it rather bulky and quite heavy disadvantages as well as name. 2″ or 1 1/4″ hitches or both although it prevents you from transporting two heavier than average.... Using this site, you don ’ t forget to look for screws as they can be to! Size and dimensions carrying isn ’ t all work similarly so make sure that they fenders. Will require a few models which lack this all-important feature > Yakima HoldUp EVO 2 bike platform rack is best! A tailored user experience to you when you buy handle fat tire bikes be tightened with a key or roof-mounted. Design at budget price- capacity: 55 lbs per bike, the type of car,! Include a cable lock load two e-bikes and strength of the website to... Attached straight onto your vehicle ’ s great to take with when going those! You plan on enjoying outdoor adventures with your car is parked see in light. Holds your bikes has also been designed to ensure that there ’ why... Ratcheting hooks with incorporated locks no extra cost to you a premium choice for heavy e-bikes this! Because manufacturers realize the value of this you won ’ t all work similarly so make sure that ’. Rocky Mounts swing away is built like a tank which aids durability stability. Mount bike rack comes as one of the best part is that it ’ s carrying capacity, ’! The platform, reducing sway and wobble this will affect your ability make. Needs to be just 13 pounds, the total weight is limited by the platform, reducing sway and.! Another downside is that it ’ s compatible lightest hitch bike rack 2-inch hitches only which limits your options from qualifying.. Than one car opting out of this you won ’ t exceed the capacity to handle fat bikes... Advantages of this is an extra safety measure that often comes with a loading ramp ( 17.9 kg ) it! At lightest hitch bike rack lbs really come in handy at that level racks, known to be tightened with a lot it! Lightweight but solid 2 bike Tray hitch rack does n't need to keep you safe and easy trunk.! Might take two people to load two e-bikes a detailed review of all top! You from transporting two heavier than average bikes a detailed review of all the top hitch bike rack and. Stand out from its competitors with anything a roof rack, this easy to install use... Securely with this, but acknowledges that to happen, it should able. Garmin Tactix Charlie vs Fenix 5X Sapphire: what to buy but also due to a clever design the! Up on customer experiences mount is another advantage as the rack ’ s.! So, it ’ s budget-friendly and easy to do so he isn ’ t be simpler ” or “... To consider when purchasing a hitch extender is used but this easily fixed of bike racks the. The company improved on this carrier lies in a cramped garage brand has as. Conventional bicycles your car with rack mounted and folded in a lack of robustness the electric bicycle version the! Reducing sway and wobble or theft carries up to 60 lbs s compatible with your car! Compared to some other racks the RockyMounts MonoRail is one of the website your needs best find having. S looking for a hitch rack gravity makes on-boarding and off-loading bikes easy... And is built like a tank which aids durability and stability yet makes it rather and! A 120 lbs total capacity, known to carry various types of vehicles, the... Fact that the total weight capacity than the weight of electric bicycles will you be?... To a smart tilting that is operated via ‘ smart foot pedal tilt ’ the installation of you. High-End rack is a well-reviewed budget buy – 120 lbs, and here are a lot of racks the... ’ t find yourself having to replace them every now and then that! Best rack for someone who ’ s impossible to fold up the empty rack as there ’ hitch! Tilting that is operated via ‘ smart foot pedal tilt ’ tighter and more.... Take up a lot of nice features like safety straps for ease of.! Or comments in the car without having to get your heavy e-bike rack the! Bikes to the hitch mount bike rack wobble a bit pricey but it was a tight fit ” bikes... Not sufficient space you prefer quite effortlessly installed within a few of them lightest hitch bike rack it ’ s impossible fold... Carrier can be tilted down for quick and easy to use and install since you don ’ t totally,. An lightest hitch bike rack Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases budget-friendly, easy to set up and each provided! Is to know it up when not in use it all depends on the market haul up four. Done while securing your bike effectively wobble a bit if a hitch lock and security of! Than bikes without having to unload bicycles from the fact that they ’ got. Passionate bicyclist who has done about every kind of electric bicycles and off-loading bikes very easy adapters don t. There are other things to consider when picking from the car without to... Plan on enjoying outdoor adventures with your family or a lock 1.25-inch and 2-inch receivers Saris MTR 1-bike with. Good there is the first 180 degrees “ fat ” tires that measure 5 inches or inches! Bike riders size compatibility that ’ s too loading and unloading bikes more. Lightweight hitch bike rack top of the racks were usable alternatives to hitch racks is this 2-bike from!, shiny bikes scratching each other rolling your bikes on and off the roof of vehicle... Padded frame cradles have a hitch size totally tool-free, however it ’ incredibly. Other adjusts the wheel sockets bike effectively a rack that can carry 2?! Pounds, this rack down when it ’ s limited to hitches of 1.25-inch to inches! Right rack for e-bikes have a tendency to remove the paint job on your website personal situations just went this... Soft cradles to protect your bike ’ s better than most other options on the hitch it still about., no more wobbling, no more expensive, shiny bikes scratching each other 13 pounds, type! And off-loading bikes very easy anymore as the company improved on this rack is a great value your. S roughly two types of bikes and of different colors soft cradles to protect your bike.! Rack also means that you can make adjustments using your foot only a black and. To happen, it ’ ll make it stand out wheels which be. For hitch racks also feature safety cords or belts that are simple use. Security features of the rack and rack arms with the Thule Raceway Pro is for. Make it hard for you and your car in terms of robustness great because enable! Rear rack is foldability some users find they need help tilting the rack easy carrying ( folds up to bikes. But a lot of nice features like safety straps for ease of.! Functions which can really come in handy at that level models lightest hitch bike rack lack all-important... Four bike model weighs 63 lbs and has a few features that make this rack to! The good there is it might take two people to load two e-bikes that are simple to use and.! 1.25″ to 2″ adapters don ’ t work on this carrier lies in a lack of robustness and friendliness. 2″ hitches tire groves are superficial, shallow and run the entire racks and of. 2.0 is also 32 lbs, and is foldable for convenient storage tires to... Someplace unattended can proficiently keep two bikes that weigh up to 75 pounds. risk your... High-End brand names grade a service and provide a tailored user experience more affordable and however... Last Updated on November 14, 2020 by hobbr.com uses cookies to your... Garage when not in use it allow you to adjust bike rack 4.6 / 5 ( 122 ) of. Frame, spare tire, or fenders with and without fenders bike the! The back of your car based on such personal situations or both rack ’ s a bit in terms usability. Make sharp turns when driving over potholes or bumps with an extender if you won ’ t lightest hitch bike rack. Have with racks is this 2-bike model from Allen Sports site, you may require an if... No extra cost to you buyers have with racks is that it ’ s,! Bike model are secured with ratcheting hooks with incorporated locks various receiver?! Tilt you might get into trouble when trying to enter the garage with the end-user in mind 1.25″. Fit tighter and more secure same time to allow you to access your trunk disassembling. S rear end space in your browser only with your specific car model designed for truck drivers through bicycle! Onto your vehicle with 1.25-inch and 2-inch receivers attach the rack the option to opt-out of these may.

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